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How to Ensure the Long-Term Safe Operation Of Pressure Vessels?

May. 09, 2020

FRP membrane housing is one of the common components of water treatment equipment. It is developed based on high-efficiency production and high-precision technological process. Winder FRP membrane housings ensure the production of high-quality reliable products to meet the growing market demand for FRP RO membrane housings through the quality assurance system.

To ensure the long-term safe operation of the FRP membrane housing, please observe the following regulations and recommendations:

1. The shrinkage expansion rate of the FRP membrane housing is relatively small. Please observe the rated design pressure index during use. Operate it within the allowable pressure range. Long time overpressure operation is strictly forbidden!

2. The service temperature of FRP membrane housing is generally from ﹣7 ℃ to 49 ℃. It is strictly forbidden to work under the condition beyond this temperature range.

3. The backpressure of the two-end permeate water outlet shall not exceed 125 PSI.

4. Strictly abide by the pressure level of each medium, such as clean water, sewage, seawater, etc. If you use water with special media, please contact our company in advance to avoid accidents.

5. When the RO system is working or there is pressure in the FRP membrane housing, it is strictly prohibited to knock, disassemble, or move the membrane housings. The surrounding vibration source environment must be strictly controlled.

6. It is strictly forbidden to apply pressure or gravity to the upper part of the membrane shell, or to its corresponding accessories.

7. In order to ensure the inner surface of the fiberglass membrane housings clean, please use a neutral cleaning solution to clean. It is strictly forbidden to use concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, etc. as cleaning fluid.

The above is all the content that the FRP pressure vessel supplier introduces to everyone, we need to maintain and clean the FRP membrane housings regularly during use.

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