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What Are the Advantages of Frp Membrane Shell?

Mar. 19, 2020

With the rapid economic development and industrialization of country, the pollution of water resources is also intensifying, especially the increase in the discharge of urban sewage and industrial sewage has caused water pollution to become increasingly serious. The state has paid more and more attention to the protection of water resources, and has strengthened the treatment of urban and industrial sewage. It has achieved the best results in various sewage treatment processes, the normal operation of treatment equipment, and accurate monitoring of water quality and quantity of sewage treatment. Have put forward higher requirements,

FRP pressure vessel supplier introduces the advantages of our company's products:

I. Excellent and reliable internal quality

The main materials of the product are epoxy resin and fiber material, which are processed by special technology, so that the finished product can reach the unmatched advantages of ordinary steel, plastic and other materials in terms of pressure resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Frp Membrane Housings

Frp Membrane Housings

Second, excellent insulation performance

The thermal conductivity of frp membrane housingsat room temperature is generally in the range of 0.15-1.36W (m.k), which is only about 1/200. Its thermal insulation performance is unmatched by metal materials. This characteristic is of great benefit to the reverse osmosis membrane in the membrane shell, and plays a role that the external temperature has little effect on the membrane.

Outstanding corrosion resistance

The combination ratio of glass fiber and epoxy resin undergoes special curing treatment to form a natural corrosion-resistant product. The inner surface is smooth and the coating has good stability to solvents such as acids, alkalis, salts, and oils with lower concentrations. Effectively suppress seawater, microorganisms, etc. entering the shell. Long-term use without corrosion.

Structural design

The barrel body, head, and slot of the membrane shell are subjected to strict layering design and optimized calculation details to ensure structural safety and ensure the safety and stability of the structure under long-term pressure.

The dense water side opening has been optimized to meet the necessary safety pressure of opening four side openings on one head, and the variability in the installation process has been enhanced.

V. Reliability of components

The end plate is an important component of the membrane shell assembly. The material is fiber reinforced molding compound, which has high strength, high pressure resistance and high pressure impact resistance.

Six, comprehensive performance of high-quality products

The excellent internal structure is safe and reliable.

The combination of excellent supporting components makes the sealing pressure performance higher.

Excellent external surface treatment, so that the product is still new in any hot and humid environment.

Domestic products that are not inferior are better than foreign brands to some extent.

The general performance of the product can be arbitrarily matched with the series of reverse osmosis membranes at home and abroad, such as Heidenen membrane, Shihan membrane, Dow membrane, Huitong membrane, etc.

Characteristics of FRP pressure vessel for osmotic membrane module:

* Excellent corrosion resistance and tightness

In the development of reverse osmosis membrane module pressure vessels, the technology of the inner lining was rigorously screened to ensure the bees, non-toxic, non-polluting, long-term use and corrosion-free requirements of the pressure vessels of the reverse osmosis group.

* Unique design of structural performance

The reverse osmosis membrane pressure vessels have been optimized to ensure structural safety, long service life, and good dimensional stability under working pressure. The dense water outlet is also optimized to ensure the variability of the interface during the installation process.

* End plate function is reliable

End plates are important accessories for glass fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessels of reverse osmosis membrane modules. The matching end plates developed by our company are well-selected and the design is reasonable considering the use characteristics of the product. It also absorbs the strengths of each house, so that water does not leak when the pressure is high or low.

* High performance / price ratio

Compared with similar foreign products, the price is low and the ser